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Hi, you've arrived at one of my older blogs, the Triggers blog and you'll still find great content to explore. However, Triggers is no longer a blog that I regularly update.

At this blog, you can look over many past published resources.

I won't be updating any dead links, so I'll apologize in advance if you find any posts here that are no longer relevant. Though I'm certain you'll still find many goodies you can still use well.

Visit my home site at www.forwardsteps.com.au to see my recent activity.

Cheers, Thea

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It's Thea Westra from Forward Steps, with some very exciting news!

A short while ago I promised to let you know when my book is ready to buy. My book is now ready and available to you.

"Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones"

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Now those are some Forward Steps!

Celebrate with me and take a look at this gift, from me to you.
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P.S. Remember, all the content at all my blogs and all the pages, books, resources I have ever created will gradually diappear behind the screen of the My Forward Steps Member site.
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Triggers August 2009 Has Been Sent Out

Jim Randel - The Skinny On™Another monthly Triggers edition was published and mailed to a select group of Forward Steps readers.

Hop on over to my subscription page for Triggers if you think you'd like to find out more about Triggers, from me at Forward Steps.

Included in each month's Triggers edition, is my introduction to a friend or someone I'd like you to meet, and this month's VIP for Triggers I introduced the readers to my friend, Jim Randel...
The Skinny On™ is the brainchild of best selling author, attorney and entrepreneur Jim Randel. Realizing that the traditional book publishing business model was outdated, Randel sought to create a new breed of books, aimed at disseminating information to an audience increasingly used to consuming content on the internet and cell phones.

Their quick-read, story format, and short lead publishing cycles allow the series to provide The Skinny On™ current events and topical subjects while keeping readers informed and entertained. The Skinny On™ is quickly gaining popularity for its comprehensive analysis of topical subjects, told in an entertaining story format.

Are you interested in being featured as a VIP in the Triggers ezine?
You can find out more about the Forward Steps advertising options here, or about the Triggers VIP's here
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